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Small Group "Intro to Violin" with Suzuki Method (level 1), Winter 2017

Please note, we offer these classes in partnership with Wayland Recreation. Registration is via their website, via the link at the bottom of the page.


8 Sundays, Jan 21 - Mar 25 (no class Feb 18, 25)

1:00 - 1:55pm: age 3 - 5 with a parent or caregiver  

2:00pm - 2:55pm: age 5 -7 with a parent or caregiver  

With Penny Wayne-Shapiro (registered Suzuki Violin instructor)

This is an ideal age to start violin with the Suzuki Method!

Our small group violin classes are centered around creative and playful activities alternating between exercises, movement, and song (video herehere, here and here). Children build strong beginner skills in a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Teacher, child and parent work together - no prior experience is needed, as parents learn right along with their child in class and partner with them at home. "Graduates" can transition to Level 2 class and/or individual instruction, as desired.

"My children have loved their weekly violin class. We have especially loved the easygoing and fun atmosphere. Being able to play an instrument not only makes kids happy and confident, it brings joy to the whole family." ~ X, mom to A and A, age 4 and 6

"We have been so pleased with the class.  Our son loves learning to play the violin.....he speaks very positively about playing, eagerly asks us each night if he can do his violin homework, and enjoys performing in front of family members. 

We believe the class is helping to lay the foundation for a lifelong love of music.  The developmentally appropriate instruction has been wonderful - exactly what we were hoping for when we chose your school." ~ E, mom to J age 3

The Suzuki method is ideal for this age group, and has a 60 year history of success with young children worldwide. Brain receptivity to language and music is at its peak at age 3 to 7, while supple young bodies adapt more easily to playing violin. Waiting till 3rd or 4th grade misses the prime age for beginning an instrument!

"My daughter's interest in musical instruments was slowly nurtured at home until a 5th Grade Orchestra visited her Pre-School.  When I saw the flyer for the beginners’ violin class I knew it was the perfect time. I feel fortunate that she has this opportunity while her enthusiasm is fresh."
~ Mother of V, age 5

Class size: minimum 3 students, maximum 5 students

Fee: $220 for 8 classes. Instruments and all materials are provided (violin for class and home use; book and CD to keep).

Location: Activity Room, Wayland Town Building, 41 Cochituate Road.

Registration: This is class is offered by Wayland School of Music in partnership with Wayland Recreation Department, so registration will be via the Rec Dept website. Once registration is open, select "Register/Programs and Activities", then "2018 Winter Programs", then "Winter Youth Programs - Arts." (Please note, both the age 3-5 and the age 5-7 classes are usually under the Youth Programs tab. To register by phone instead, call them at 508 358 3660.
Questions about the class? Not sure which age group suits your child? Please contact us via email or at 508 358 7835, and we'll be happy to help you!

Cello Student

“Johann's easygoing manner suits my son very well. He manages to teach not only the intricacies of cello but of music in general, in a way that leaves the student empowered with knowledge and skill. My son has thrived under his tutelage!”

- parent of a student age 12

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