Wayland School of Music

Ann Carroll Bundy

Ann Carroll Bundy
Flute, Suzuki Flute, Early Childhood Classes

Ann completed her BMus in Flute Performance at USC studying with Jim Walker (former principal flute, LA Philharmonic), followed by a Performance Certificate at The Studio School, UK with Trevor Wye, plus graduate study at Harvard, USC, Hartt School (U Hartford) Suzuki Institute, and at UMass Lowell in Class Music.

Ann is regular sub on flute, piccolo and alto flute for the Eastern Connecticut Symphony. She was previously Principal Flute for the US Coast Guard Band (one of the top military bands in the US), and Flutist of the USCG Wind Quintet.

In addition to Wayland School of Music, Ann is Flute Instructor at Serenade School of Music in Maynard and David French Music in Westborough, and former Flute Instructor at Thames Valley Music School, New London CT. She is also flute voicing specialist for the Wm. S. Haynes Flute Company in Acton.

Ann works with a wide range of students. As an Early Childhood and Suzuki Flute Instructor she works very young children; on the other hand her older students have auditioned successfully for the NEC Prep and Worcester Youth Orchestras; the Central District Junior/Senior Bands and All-State Band; and the College of the Holy Cross Brooks Scholarship (4-year full-tuition scholarship to major in Flute Performance).

Meet Ann

  1. How/what age did you start your instrument?
    My formal musical training began on piano at the age of five but my real love was the flute which I found at the age of ten.
  2. Did you come from a musical family?
    My Scottish grandfather played jazz trumpet in a big band and his aunt was an accomplished classical pianist. My Irish grandfather played the fiddle. I even had an ancestor who was a professional flutist and his instrument was kept as a family heirloom for generations.
  3. Best or funniest (or even worst!) musical memory from childhood?
    My best childhood musical memory would have to be the first combined orchestra concert I played in Germany. It was the first time I experienced music as a universal language and witnessed the power it had to bring people together.
  4. A highlight or two from your performing career:
    A once in a lifetime experience was performing in Washington D.C. for all the world leaders and dignitaries at the funeral of Former President Ronald Reagan. A more light-hearted magical moment was playing the music of STAR WARS under the baton of John Williams.
  5. What do you love about teaching?
    I consider it to be a privilege to be part of a living tradition. When my students begin learning the Blavet Sonata, I show them the flute family tree that goes back, pupil to teacher, all the way to flutist-composer Michel Blavet in the 1700's. The lightbulb goes on when they see all the famous flutist-composers in between. I love that my students will carry the torch for the next generation.
  6. What would you like your students to know about you?
    I will always hold the vision of you as an accomplished artist and support you in reaching your goals and dreams.
  7. Can you share a non-musical fun fact about you?
    I have read the original tale of King Arthur (Owein) in middle Welsh!