Join us at our December School-Wide Recitals!

Join us for one - or all nine - of our student recitals. Enjoy hearing students age 4 - adult, from new beginners to experienced performing artists!


Ames Hall,  Memorial Congregation Church, 26 Concord Road, Sudbury (opposite Goodnow Library)

When and what: 

Thursday December 7th
5:30: Strings including guitar, piano and voice
7:30: Strings including guitar

Saturday December 9th
1:30: Strings including guitar, flute
3:30: Strings including guitar, piano

Sunday December 10th
1:30: Piano, violin, cello
3:30: Voice, cello, piano
5:30: Piano, voice, cello, violin, brass

Saturday December 16th
3:30: Piano, violin, cello, voice, bass
5:30: Piano, violin, cello, voice