Join us for Summer Private Lessons!

Summer can be a great time to start a new instrument or try a new teacher.

We offer an individualized summer lesson to accommodate your camp and travel plans - whether it's weekly lessons, bi-weekly lessons, lessons in July or August only - whatever works! 

To enter the priority summer scheduling pool, please contact us now to set up your free intro lesson and make sure we have a good fit with a teacher for you.

Come hear our students at our Summer Recitals!

Students age 3 to adult will perform pieces ranging from "Hot Cross Buns" to professional level repertoire.

Our recitals are festive events - come and experience the "Wayland School of Music Difference" that has prompted so many parents to say, "That was nothing like my childhood recitals!" 


Ames Hall,  Memorial Congregation Church, 26 Concord Road, Sudbury (opposite Goodnow Library)

When and What:

Saturday June 8th 
1:30: violin, viola, piano, cello, voice
3:30: violin, viola, piano, cello, voice, ensembles
5:30: piano, cello, voice

Sunday June 9th
3:30: piano, cello, flute
5:30: piano, cello

Friday June 14th
5:30: guitar, violin, viola, cello, fiddling
7:30: guitar, violin, viola, cello, fiddling

Sunday June 16th
5:30: brass, piano, bass, violin, viola

Congratulations to our Spring Honors Recital students!

On April 4th we were proud to host some of our most accomplished students at our Honors Recital at Sudbury Goodnow Library, in both solo and chamber music repertoire.

Here are a couple of highlights:

Student age 10 plays his own compostition, "Entering the Final Stretch"
(composition student of Michael Shea)

Student age 13 sings "Don't Rain on my Parade" by Merrill & Styne
(voice student of Nina Kasper)



Spring session Early Childhood classes start March 30th!

Are you looking for an affirming and enriching activity you can do with your baby or preschooler? Would you like them to enjoy music with you in a warm, age-appropriate format that’s tons of fun - while also exposing them to the basic building blocks of music, and helping them be primed and ready for instrument lessons further down the road?

Our Early Childhood classes check all these boxes! Join us with your child for Musical Beginnings for age 0 – 2.5, Musical Explorers for age 2.5-4.5, and Instrument Explorers for kids almost ready for lessons.

Enjoy our expertly-planned  curriculum in which each class flows between experiential activities for:

  • Pitch (high/low sounds) 
  • Rhythm
  • Beat (pulse)
  • Tempo (fast/slow)
  • Dynamics (loud/soft)
  • Fine and gross motor activities
  • Social imitation and positive reinforcement

Come and join in the fun! Details here: Group classes