WSM Policies, 2020-21

COVID-19/Private Lessons/Group Classes/Chamber Music/Media Release

Please note:

Your signature on the Registration Form indicates that you have read, and agree to be bound by, these Policies. 

Please also note:

For all classes offered through the Wayland Recreation Department, please register at their website.


It should be understood that during the current pandemic, while Wayland School of Music may be able to offer on-site lessons with some teachers, we are not able to guarantee them. Lessons may be on-site, on-screen, or a combination of the two, depending on the unfolding situation and local and state guidelines. We are committed both to your safety, and to giving you the best possible learning experience in either delivery format.

Private Lesson Policies

WSM Private Lesson Policies reflect the following principles:

  1. Students experience the most progress and enjoyment from their instrument lessons when there is a firm weekly commitment which is supported by their parents and caregivers.
  2. Your lesson time is reserved for you, whether you are there or not.
  3. Your teacher is a professional who has contracted to be available for that reserved time, and to be paid accordingly (a necessity to retain high-quality faculty).
  4. These are standard policies for music schools offering professional faculty of this quality.
  1. Enrollment and try-out lessons: Once a student has had a try-out lesson and the student’s parent has signed (electronically or by hand) and submitted the registration form, the student is considered “enrolled”, and is committed for the complete semester (or summer session, once summer schedule is confirmed).
  2. Payment: Payment is by the semester. Late enrollment will be prorated. The first payment (half of total of semester tuition, plus fees) is payable by the first lesson of the semester, and the second payment (half of total of semester tuition) is payable four weeks into the semester. If enrolling at or after that point, payment is in full.
  3. Termination of lessons: Once enrolled as in (1) above, written notification is required for termination. Failure to attend lessons does not qualify as notification, and does not release a student from his/her financial obligation.
    Once written notification is received by email, or delivered to us by regular mail, lesson fees are due as follows. Written notice:
    1. Received on scheduled date of first lesson of semester: a) by 10am - no fees due; b) after 10am - one lesson fee is due.
    2. Received within four weeks after scheduled date of first lesson of semester: first payment, as in (2) above, is due.
    3. Received at any time thereafter: full semester payment (or pro-rated payment if joining late), as in (2) above, is due.
  4. Lessons missed by teachers: Any lessons missed by us, for any reason, will be made up or credited to you.
  5. Excused absences: All students are permitted one excused absence per semester for sickness or true emergency. An excused absence is defined as: Absence for illness or serious emergency, notified by 10am on the day of the lesson (8am for weekend lessons). An excused absence will be either made up, or credited to you if we can’t find a mutually agreeable time. For all other absences, please see below.
  6. Holiday weekends: Although we follow the Wayland Public School calendar, for the sake of continuity we generally teach private lessons on holiday weekends and holiday Mondays for those who are in town, or offer a makeup on an adjacent day. If you have a Sat/Sun/Mon lesson and will be traveling out of town on a holiday weekend or holiday Monday, you will receive a makeup or credit if you give us seven days written notice. This does not “use up” your excused absence as in (5) above.
  7. Non-excused absences are those you may choose to take for sports, parties, school events/trips, non-emergency dentist/doctor appointments, family events/trips when school is in session, etc. etc. These will not made up or credited.
  8. Discretionary makeups: We may sometimes be able to offer you a makeup at our discretion if
    1. Your child is sick more than once in the semester and you notify us by 10am weekday/8am weekend.
    2. Your child is sick when arriving from school on the lesson day and you notify us immediately.
    3. Your family is traveling out of town, you notify us of this in writing at least a week before the missed lesson, and we fill the spot with someone to whom we already owe an excused absence makeup.
    4. Your child has a school music event involving most of WSM.

Most years we are able to offer makeups for about 30% of such cases. There are no guarantees for discretionary makeups, but we’ll offer one if we can within our regular schedule within the same semester - i.e. through someone else's cancellation. We do not ask teachers to add extra time to do a discretionary makeup. Please note that missed or canceled discretionary makeups cannot be rescheduled.

9. No-shows: Under no circumstances will makeups be offered for “no-shows”.

10.Snow days: Snow days and other weather emergencies will be handled via the regular schedule on our dedicated Zoom platform. If this is prevented by widespread power outages, there will a maximum of one weather reschedule per semester. 

Chamber Music Policies

Our Chamber Music Policies reflect our desire to

  1. create a satisfying experience for all ensemble members
  2. maintain a reasonably smooth administrative process.
  1. Assignment to ensembles: We will put together chamber music ensembles based on age range and playing level. Ensembles may be for any combination of instruments.
    Students who do not take private lessons at WSM should schedule a brief “get-to-know-you” evaluation first, so we can hear you play something you’re comfortable with and find you appropriate partners.
  2. Enrollment and payment: Once you have been assigned to an ensemble and all members have agreed to a coaching time, we will invoice you for the session. At that point payment is due in full. We reserve the right to give your spot to someone else if payment is delayed.
  3. Withdrawal: Once enrolled as in (2) above, written notice is required for withdrawal. Failure to notify WSM does not release a student from his/her financial obligation. Once written notice is received by email, or delivered to us by regular mail, refunds are offered as follows. Written notice:
    1. 14 days or more before date of first class: 50% refund of tuition
    2. 13 days or less before first class: no refunds
    In the case of withdrawal by one group member, we will find another musician for your group or adjust repertoire for the remaining players. However if we’re unable to do this for any reason, we will refund tuition and fees for remaining group members.
  4. Scheduling and makeups: Once we find you a weekly coaching time based on ensemble members’ input, regular attendance is expected, as small ensembles depend on attendance by all members to create a satisfying experience for all.
  5. Snow days: We offer one snow makeup per 10-week session for chamber music ensembles.

    Because of the logistics of scheduling two or more students and a coach, we cannot guarantee chamber music class makeups for any other reason. In general, the coach will take the place of any missing student during a coaching session. However, if more than one student is absent from a particular coaching, we will attempt to schedule one makeup class for the group per 10-week session, if possible.

Group Class Policies*

  1. Enrollment: Completed registration and full payment are required to hold your spot. There are no refunds for group classes once the student is officially registered.
  2. Partial credit towards another class may be considered for extenuating circumstances such as prolonged, documented serious illness or injury. To be considered for such a credit, withdrawal notification must be submitted to WSM in writing. Failure to attend classes/lessons does not qualify as notification. Failure to notify WSM does not release a student from his/her financial obligation.
  3. For snow days when travel is unsafe, we will generally teach the class at its scheduled time via our dedicated Zoom platform. In the case of a power outage, there will a maximum of one snow reschedule per session. This will generally be added on at the end of the session, on the regular day and time. However, in case of space limitations we reserve the right to make alternative day/time arrangements for a snow makeup.
  4. Cancellation: WSM will cancel a class if there is insufficient enrollment. If a class is cancelled, full tuition and any applicable registration fees will be refunded to the student.

*Please note that group classes offered through Wayland Recreation register directly with them, and are subject to their policies rather than ours.

Media Release

From time to time Wayland School of Music may use video, photos or audio of students and attending caregivers, taken at WSM sponsored events, for publicity or marketing purposes. Additionally, faculty may make video or audio recordings during classes, lessons, and performances for pedagogical reasons. 

Students are NEVER identified by name, only by activity and age (e.g. "Pianist age 10", "Age 6-7 violin group class").

By registering you consent that video, photos and audio taken during any WSM sponsored activity, including classes, lessons, performances and events, whether in person or online, may be used for publicity, marketing or pedagogical purposes, UNLESS a written request to opt out is submitted at the time of registration.