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Cecilia Pinto

Cecilia Pinto
Violin, Suzuki Violin, Early Childhood Classes

Cecilia completed her BMus degree at the Peruvian National Conservatory and her MMus at Boston Conservatory. She is a registered Suzuki Instructor for books through 10, and has also completed training in Dalcroze Eurhythmics and Kodaly pedagogy. Before moving back to Boston in 2019, Cecilia was String Department Chair, Violin Instructor and Early Childhood Instructor (in both English and Spanish) at the Chicago Center for Music Education, and was also Music Director of the CHIME’s large ensemble, United in Harmony. In Peru, she taught at the International Suzuki Festival, Markham College, and the Reina del Mundo elementary and middle school. She currently teaches in the New England Conservatory Pre-College Division.

Cecilia has performed as soloist with the National Symphony Orchestra of Peru, the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Andes, and the Peruvian National Conservatory Orchestra. She is a first and second prizewinner of the National Violin Contest of Peru, as well as winning the awards for Best Performance of Latin American Music and Best Performance of Peruvian Music.

Meet Cecilia

  1. How/what age did you start your instrument?
    I started to learn violin when I was 9 years old, but I come from a family of musicians, so music was in my life since I was in the womb. We played several instruments and sang a lot. The formal instrument came later, but music was there always.
  2. Did you come from a musical family?
    Yes, my mom is a pianist and a Suzuki Piano Teacher Trainer. My dad is an ethnomusicologist and composer who plays several instruments, and he taught me violin with Suzuki during my first years.
  3. Best or funniest (or even worst!) musical memory from childhood?
    My best childhood memory is when I had the opportunity to play with students that came from abroad and to travel with my violin. Connecting with others from other places and countries through music was magical, and was the reason I decided to practice more and go into music!
  4. A highlight or two from your performing career:
    In my performing career I played as a soloist with orchestra in three different opportunities. I obtained 1st and 2nd places in three different competitions. And I was able to travel to France and the US (from Peru) for summer camps. Music has taken me to many places!
  5. What do you love about teaching?
    I love teaching because I love to see children grow and progress. I find great joy when I see a child build a strong self-esteem because of her hard work and when she believes in herself enough to go in front of an audience and show her best. If I can contribute to make a child happier and more sensitive with music, then I feel I have done my work.
  6. What would you like your students to know about you?
    I would like my students to know that I care deeply about them. I have high expectations and standards and I like to mix that with lots of joy. The student is always first, so we will find a way to keep high standards, make it fun, and keep the health and character of the student as the most important priority.
  7. Can you share a non-musical fun fact about you?
    I love to dance. In Peru I used to dance a Peruvian Dance called Marinera Norteña. I took weekly lessons and participated in contests dancing. And I love to dance in general!