Wayland School of Music
Nina Kasper

"My girls became remarkably proficient at their respective skills under her tutelage. Additionally.....(Nina) maintained an active role in broadening their horizons with an array of both individual and group musical experiences and performance opportunities.

In addition to her talent and her professional competence, her personality is a cornerstone to the success of her students. She is approachable, likeable and understanding of her students' needs. She is able to recognize and nurture their talents or find inventive ways to help them overcome their impediments to reach their goals."
– Excerpt from a reference from a parent

Nina Kasper
Voice, Cello, Piano

Nina grew up in Miami where she began her music studies at the International School of Music, at which she later became an instructor. Her undergraduate degree is from the Longy School of Music, where she was a scholarship student.

Nina’s previous positions include Choir Director and Piano Accompanist of the Miami Youth Orchestra and Choir, Musical Director at Miami Children's Theater, and “America's Got Talent” Vocal Coach to Angelina Greene (Golden Buzzer Award).

As vocalist she has appeared in multiple musical theater productions, As cellist, she has performed with the Miami Symphony Orchestra, and as backup musician at the Latin Grammys, Premios Billboard, and Premios Juventude.

Meet Nina

  1. How/what age did you start your instrument?
    Both my parents are musicians, so I was introduced to the world of Mariachi at the age of 8 years old, I fell quickly in love with Mexican folklore and was performing in Latin TV shows at an early age. When I turned 13, I started formal cello and piano lessons.
  2. Did you come from a musical family?
    Yes, my mother is an accomplished cellist who played with the Teresa Carreno orchestra back in my country of Venezuela and my step-father is an amazing opera singer and plays vihuela, guitarron, and guitar.
  3. Best or funniest (or even worst!) musical memory from childhood?
    Funniest memory: I was performing in a very early TV show I was 10 years old and super sleepy. The presenters said my name and that was my cue to start. The music started and 15 seconds thru the song I realized I was SINGING THE WRONG SONG! I was so tired I didn’t even realize it, but thankfully I noticed realized what was going on in time and started singing that song instead.
  4. A highlight or two from your performing career:
    The best part of my career so far has been acting in the musical ONCE both in Miami, Fl and in Ivoryton, Ct. I was so blessed to have had an incredible cast and director, and stellar reviews, I got to perform alongside some of the casts that did it on Broadway. As a cellist, being able to tour with the band Camila was an incredible experience.
  5. What do you love about teaching?
    I love to see my students progress, make them confident with their instrument, make them fall in love with practice, performing and to look forward to each new assignment. I especially look forward to very curious students who are eager to become the best they can be.
  6. What would you like your students to know about you?
    My goal in each class is to create a space where you feel confident to make mistakes and learn and grow. My priority as a teacher is to work towards the student’s goals, whether that means working towards that audition or learning a piece you want to show your grandparents.
  7. Can you share a non-musical fun fact about you?
    Beyond practice hours you can see me at my computer making arrangements, editing videos, watching UFC, or walking my extremely adorable dog Polo!