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“Penny is an excellent musician and patient teacher who responds to the needs of her students whether it be an eight-year or, as in my case, an 85-year-old. I started playing the violin in grade school and more or less continued until I was in my second year of High School, at which point I decided I was too busy. It was not until approximately a year ago that I decided that I would like to start playing again. I still had my old violin, had it repaired and purchased several beginning self-teaching books, which I went through and fairly quickly realized I needed a teacher.

It wasn't long after Penny accepted me as a student that she began challenging me with violin concertos by Vivaldi and Haydn, which I had never dreamed of attempting. She shares her wide knowledge of special techniques, that I never knew existed, which have brought the seemingly impossible within my grasp.”

– 85-year-old student

"We have been thrilled to have Joanne as a flute teacher for our 4th grader. Our daughter really likes her teaching style and looks forward to lessons with her. And we appreciate that Joanne gives us updates on how G___ is progressing and is always accessible for any questions. We highly recommend her."
– mother of a girl, age 9
"Joanne is a great teacher. She is funny, kind and patient. I love playing the flute with her." 
– female student, age 9

“Johann's easygoing manner suits my son very well. He manages to teach not only the intricacies of cello but of music in general, in a way that leaves the student empowered with knowledge and skill. My son has thrived under his tutelage!”

– parent of a student age 12

“Sharon is an outstanding teacher—she provides excellent instruction and support for her students, while creating an environment in which they continue to love playing!”

“Wayland School of Music provides not only lessons but concerts for the kids to perform at and guidance for me as a parent for how to help with practice. It's the full package.”

– parent of a student age 8

“Penny has been teaching violin to my sons since the last past 2 years. She is an awesome teacher who is patient and really connects well with kids. We started our sons on violin to "try-it-out" not wanting to invest too heavily into some high-priced equipment or high-pressure. Penny has been a perfect choice, she is patient and really connects with the kids to make music easy to learn and enjoyable. Our eight-year-old really looks forward to the music lessons and has been enjoying playing the violin since the beginning. Penny also holds recitals for her students, and our sons were very excited about performing in public. It is definitely a great exercise. Penny is committed and passionate about what she does and works at the students' pace to make music fun. I really recommend Penny as a music teacher!”
– parent of boys ages 6 and 8

“I can't thank you and Madalyne enough for such an incredible and inspiring experience for my son! We just love Madalyne!!! She has given him great tools and skills in her creative lessons.”

- mother of 7 year old violinist

“Elizabeth is very good with young children, and her teaching methods are very effective with this age group. She is fantastic!”
- mother of 5 year old

“Since my son graduated from high school and will be moving out of town for the next four years, he will not be taking cello lessons anymore – not at least until next summer – but we strongly encourage him to consider playing in the school orchestra. It was a great pleasure and honor for my son to be Zarina's student. As his dad, I enjoyed listening to his rehearsals both at home and at school. We wish you the best luck with your wonderful school!”
- father of high school graduate

"In case there was any question about whether N____ liked his violin lesson today, he has been "practicing" all night (rest position, playing position, slow song, fast song, take a bow). After a while, I realized it was pretty quiet, and I found him asleep on our living room floor!"
- mother of 3 year old 

“Thank you for all that you have done for us. M____ has developed wonderful skills over this last year and a half. I will be highly recommending the Wayland School of Music to all parents I come across who are interested in music.”

- mother of 5 year old student

“We have been so pleased with the class. Our 3-year-old loves learning to play the violin. In class, he certainly goes through waves of sluggishness, silliness, and noncompliance, but at home he speaks very positively about playing, eagerly asks us each night if he can do his violin homework, and enjoys performing in front of family members. We believing the class are helping lay the foundation for a lifelong love of music. The developmentally appropriate instruction has been wonderful - exactly what we were hoping for when we chose your school.”
- mother of 3 year old

“My two kids have loved their weekly violin classes. We especially liked the easygoing and fun atmosphere of Madalyne's class.

Thank you again for offering these wonderful classes. Teaching kids music is of great significance. Being able to play an instrument not only makes kids happy and confident, it brings joy to the whole family.”
- mother of children ages 4 and 6

"Our family thinks the world of Sheryl! She has wonderful patience, ways of eliciting enthusiasm from students, and solid musicianship. Our daughter was able to progress at just the right pace, developing skills for and confidence in performance."
- mother of a piano student, studied from age 6 -14

“I wanted to send you a quick note to say that I was shocked by how much better my daughters practice of the Two Grenadiers was tonight compared to Monday! I complimented her on the improvement (very strong, confident bowing) and she looked right at me and said "that Ms. Penny is magical, Mom." :)
- mother of 9 year old

"The group teacher you have was fantastically engaging. As for my son, he just loves that violin! It is such a jot to watch a true love for skill in playing music develop in the hearts of young children,. For that, I thank you! Wayland School of Music flows through our family and it is brining overflowing joy to people everywhere he plays. Now his sister is inspired!"
mother of violin student age 6

“Penny Wayne-Shapiro possesses unbelievable patience, teaching skill and loving dedication to her craft and her students of every age. No other violin teacher could bring out the best in my spirited 10-year-old the way Penny does. AND recitals are held at a local senior center as a "musical celebration" which takes the pressure off novice performers because it frames the event as an opportunity for young musicians to share their gifts with others. Brava!”

- mother of 10 year old

“Penny is a fantastic violin teacher. Had my two daughters taken violin lessons with her for many years and I could not ask for a better teacher. I admired her knowledge, patience and commitment. Great teaching skills!”
– mother of violin students who studied age 7 - 14

“Off to another excellent start of the year thanks to Wayland School of Music! Thank you, Penny, for making violin fun and accessible for our family. Violin is, yet again, our 6 year old’s favorite activity thanks to your loving guidance and gentle encouragement. Thank you!” 

“Penny is a wonderful, talented, and caring teacher. She pushes her students to reach for their best but doesn't overwhelm them in the process. The Wayland School of Music has also provided terrific opportunities to perform on their recitals.”
- mother of students ages 13 and 16

“Penny, on the way home we played her a recording of her recital performance (via the car stereo). She was absolutely floored – delighted with herself, joyful about the event, forgiving of her one or two mistakes. What a change. I am so pleased with her personal development in regards to playing and practicing, and of course, thrilled to see her progress with the instrument. Not to mention, so very grateful that you are her teacher, because it would not have unfolded this way with anyone else. :)
- mother of 11 year old

“Madalyne is a treasure - she is truly a wonderful teacher. Somehow my son managed to find the wherewithal to practice violin even when he was miserable -- because Madalyne somehow makes things all seem so do-able and even fun. That is a miracle!

She is such a skilled and gifted teacher and a gorgeous musician herself. She strikes this amazing balance between being jolly and fun with students and yet very precise, organized and serious. As I teacher myself, I love to contemplate how it all works — she's extremely empowering to kids because she is so masterful at helping them focus on one element at a time, while having fun. It's quite something. It means they feel very in touch with progress in a concrete, tangible way. So wonderful.

Madalyne is really fun and funny and she is a great teacher!

- mother of 7 year old, and her son

“My daughter has been learning violin from Elizabeth for an year now, and is very happy to learn violin from Elizabeth. She is a good teacher and my daughter enjoys learning from her. Elizabeth focuses on understanding the student's strengths and weaknesses and goes at the pace of the student, at the same time she ensures she is challenging the students enough. She adjusts her teaching skills based on the capability of the students. Her patience makes the learning experience enjoyable for students.”
- mother of 7th grade student

“I observed several of my son’s first lessons with Elizabeth. On each occasion, Elizabeth was wonderful with him. She is extremely talented and patient, and consistently offered positive reinforcement. I was particularly impressed with the strategies Elizabeth explained to him to help him improve his posture. They proved to be very helpful as he progressed. In a short time I have known Elizabeth, I have observed her amazing talent, both as a performer and teacher; her professionalism; and her kindness.”
- mother of 10 year old viola student

“Our son started violin last year and is always looking forward to his lesson. Penny truly cares for her students, goes the extra mile for them and will adapt the lesson to keep the focus high (even when it's Friday evening). We also enjoy the group performances organized on a regular basis, and we particularly appreciated the 'Suzuki parents forum night' event. We definitely recommend this Music school.”
- mother of violin student age 8

“From her very first lesson my daughter was laughing and playing and yearning to learn more. Penny's love of music and teaching shone through: it was infectious.”
- parent of 5 year old

“My daughter has had four other cello teachers, and none has made a connection with her that Zarina has.”
- parent of 11 year old

“Sharon structure lessons in a way that makes them fun for students, while still focusing on both technique and musicality. Our son has developed tremendously under her guidance.”
- parent of a high schooler

Aviva Piano Trio
“Marvelous music, passionately played, enormously enjoyed...when and where would you be performing again? We want more!”

“What a fantastic performance. We absolutely loved all the pieces. I really liked the Arensky, and so enjoyed the Trio of Tangos, which was short and sweet, and light and fun. My absolute favorite was Schubert. It was such a great pleasure to hear you play in your professional capacity...all congratulations on the debut performance of your Trio. It was absolutely wonderful, and I'm so happy I was able to be there.”

“I just wanted to express our admiration for the amazing performance of Aviva trio on Friday. Thank you so much for the beautiful music and your gorgeous performance.”