What is chamber music?

“Chamber music” is the technical term for music written for small ensembles (generally between 2 and 6 players) who are each playing their own individual part.

A string quartet (two violins, viola, cello) is a good example of the genre - see the video on the right. But any combination of instruments that meets the above definition is a chamber ensemble. Here’s one with a violin, two violas, a clarinet and a ukelele!

Some of the most beloved music in the classical repertoire was written for chamber ensembles – but equally, there is wonderful new music available, including that written by local underrepresented composers for our own PlayTogether GO program in 2021and 2022!

Who can play chamber music?

Students age 7 and up, from late beginners to advanced, can take part in chamber music.

Students need basic competence on their instrument, and be able to play late beginner/early intermediate pieces with confidence. There's no limit, and great advaned repertoire!

Students should be prepared to:

  1. Be part of a team with other members of their group
  2. Ask for their private lesson teacher’s help if necessary to learn their own part, so that they can hold their own in their group.
  3. Attend the scheduled sessions, as each member is a vital part of the group

What will they learn?

Learning the music is the beginning! Students in chamber music also learn, over time, to:

  • Be part of a musical team - carrying their own part, while also listening to and blending with others
  • Understand the give-and-take of music – when their line is the most important, and when to drop back to let others shine through
  • Feel the music together, and develop musical and rhythmic flexibility
  • Become a musical and social unit in which each player still has an individual

Chamber music students grow as musicians and people, as individual players learn to combine their own skills and ideas to build something greater than the sum of its parts.

How do we join?

Please fill out the Chamber Music Scheduling Form with all your availability (see below, “When is it?”).

We match groups carefully based on both playing level and personality. 
Or, if you already have friends interested in playing with you, sign up together as a group!
We welcome non-WSM students with permission of their private teacher.

What’s included?

15 weekly coachings with our chamber music faculty - times/location by arrangement (see below)
(If your group starts later in the semester, we will prorate the fees.)

Performance at WSM general or special recital

Program fees - current WSM private lessons students receive 10% discount on the below

60 minute coachings: $495

45 minute coachings (younger and less advanced students): $375

When is it?

At a time that works for the members of your group, based on your input on the required form (below). 

We have at least one coaching time available on every day of the week - but scheduling several students into one ensemble is challenging.
Please fill out the Chamber Music Scheduling Form to let us know ALL your possible times.