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Welcome to our Music for the Community page! Since we can't take our music out to local nursing homes and libraries at the moment, we're inviting you in to enjoy it here instead. Each day you'll find a new student performance on this page, along with some info about the composer or instrument - and sometimes words too so you can sing along. 

If you're interested in a particular category, you can sort performances by student age, instrument, singalong music, composer and so on - click on the orange tags under the text. We hope you and your family will enjoy watching our students share their music! 

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Tuesday, April 28 2020 00:14

Day 17: "Allegretto" by Suzuki

Violinist age 9 plays “Allegretto” by Suzuki

Musical pieces usually have a clear structure somewhat like a Lego building, and when you can begin to hear that, putting them together from their parts is much easier! This one features the Three Bears, and is built in sections like this: 


A2 (almost the same, but a different ending)

B (completely different)


Just as in the singalongs on Day 4 and Day 8, you can hear how the same music has (mostly) the same words. We’ve also underlined the A1 and A2 endings, so you can hear the difference between them.

[A1] In a place far away on a hot summer’s day, the three bears’ cabin stood on the edge of a wood.

[A2] In that place far away on that hot summer’s day,the three bears went away for a walk.

[B] First the big Papa Bear, then the kind Mama Bear; far away, with his chair, came the small Baby Bear…..

[A2] In a place far away on a hot summer’s day, the three bears went away for a walk.

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