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Welcome to our Music for the Community page! Since we can't take our music out to local nursing homes and libraries at the moment, we're inviting you in to enjoy it here instead. Each day you'll find a new student performance on this page, along with some info about the composer or instrument - and sometimes words too so you can sing along. 

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Tuesday, May 26 2020 00:00

Day 37: Red Parrot, Green Parrot

Violinist age 8 plays "Red Parrot, Green Parrot" by Edwards Huws Jones

This is one of our favorite easy pieces for violin – the parrot squawks are always a big hit, in lessons and in recital!
It’s also great for singing along. It has a simple A, B1, A, B2, A pattern – think “Jingle Bells” with chorus, verse, chorus, verse, chorus. The only difference between the two B sections is that in the first one, the violinist has the tune and the pianist provides the parrot squawks; while the second time around they switch. Of course, that’s the part that everyone’s waiting for! 
A) Red -- parrot, green -- parrot, 
Perch -- on a tree,
Red -- parrot, green -- parrot, 
Fly -- ing -- free!
B1) Red -- parrot squawk: SQUAWK!!
Green -- parrot squawk: SQUAWK!!
Some -- parrots talk -- but --
These ones only squawk.  
Then back to A, B2, A – same words as above.
You need only 2 fingers on one string, plus the other open strings, to play this song. But you're learning several musical skills along with these easy notes – including changing rhythms, “dynamics” (switching from loud to soft, both suddenly and gradually), and listening to the other player while you keep count, so you can jump in with your squawks at exactly the right time. 
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